Are you nodding your head at any of these questions?

  • Have you come across a new article or social media post learning about another dangerous thing in the world that increases your risk for a chronic disease? Did you become overwhelmed or consumed with worry?
  • Are you or a family member constantly sick and you just want to fit everyone in a bubble?
  • Do you ever feel that you just don't know where to start in living a healthy lifestyle, so you don't pursue it because it seems intimidating? Next thing you know, you find yourself eating a whole box of Little Debbie Cakes.
  • Have you tried things, like different diets and lifestyles, that didn't work, didn't last a long time, or made you completely miserable?
  • Does the thought of healthy living/eating stress you out because your time is already demanded at work, home, kids, and just life in general?
  • Do you wish there was just one place you know you could trust and go to get educated to take the beginning (or next) steps in living a healthier lifestyle?

Look No Further!

So, you've heard my story from the video. I have two little people to take care of, along with my husband. I get the busy lifestyle. Trust me. Trying to run a household, business, in a graduate program, and still keep my sanity and live healthy. It's possible. To the right, you'll see the other lady that runs this house. She keeps me on my toes, but I know that seeing her run around the house happy, healthy, and lively is EXACTLY the children you want to raise too!Landing Page1

This eCourse was created to be...

-A place you can trust to get health information for your family, as we are evidence based nutrition and health.

-Stopping the overwhelm of living a healthy lifestyle. We keep things simple and we focus on the most important aspects of healthy living.

-Flexible. Somewhere you can come and learn at your own pace, place, and attire. (I give you permission to take this eCourse in your pajamas!)

-Hand holding. Wherever you come from, maybe you already eat healthy, but you want to take it a step further or maybe you are completely new to living a healthy lifestyle - I'm holding your hand through it ALL. Videos, FB support, audio, I'm here to guide you. You can think of me as your virtual bestie.


What Do You Learn In The Holistic Living eCourse?

Open Each Week Below To Get A Glimpse On What You'll Be Learning

Lesson One: Shopping Trip

Have you ever wondered what to bring home to fill your pantry and kitchen with, so you can create those healthy meals? I take you on a virtual shopping trip and talk you through basics to buy and what exactly you should be watching out for. To make it even easier, you get a basic printable shopping list and ingredients to avoid list! Shopping has never been easier!

Lesson Two: How To Make Bone Broth

Learn how to make this nourishing food that will be a base for cooking, as well as a natural remedy. This is a first step in taking care of your gut health! You'll also learn the best place where to buy bones! If you don't want to make it, I give you a list of companies that have the best ready-to-eat broth.

Lesson Three: Fitness Basics

Learn the basics of fitness so you can go into your fitness routine with confidence that you know what you're doing!

Lesson Four: Essential Oil Basics

Understand how to properly dilute and use essential oils, essential oils and kids, the best routes to use essential oils, and most importantly, what brands can give you the best quality & bang for your buck!

Lesson One: Cooking and Prepping Basics

Cooking can seem intimidating once you start to use real foods, instead of processed food. I'm holding your hand through the process as I teach you which ways to cook are healthier. You'll get access to a video with a professional chef on how to prepare some of the most popular fruits and vegetables and how to marinate meat! You'll also be able to print off a chart with oil smoke points, so you'll know exactly what oils to be using while you cook.

Lesson Two: How To Soak Grains and Legumes

Learn how to take back the ancestral way to prepare grains and legumes to make digestion easier and maximize the nutrient absorption.

Lesson Three: Lower Body Workout

Get sweating by using my favorite glute and leg exercises in the gym or at home!

Lesson Four: Essential Oil Part Two

Essential oils is a hot topic in the holistic living realm, we have more to teach you! Learn what specific essential oil works for certain ailments (research proven!). You'll get a video of me teaching you how to make roller bottles, so you have on-the-goal remedies. You'll also get a PDF where I'm sharing with you some of my favorite secret essential oil blends!

Lesson One: Meal Prepping

Learn how to bring the fun back into meal planning with a downloadable meal planning template. You'll learn that meal planning is one of the most important things you can do to stay on track with eating healthy and you'll get some tips & tricks to make meal planning apart of your life.

Lesson Two: How To Make Freezer Meals

You'll be with me in the kitchen learning how to create these time saving meals and how to be ready for something unexpected to happen and you still will have a nourishing meal on your table!

Lesson Three: Upper Body Workout

Get your arms and chest pumping with my favorite upper body exercises! You can do this at a gym or at home.

Lesson Four: Herbs

Want to create a natural medicine cabinet? Get a downloadable herb reference guide to see which herbs can be used for specific ailments. You'll join me in the kitchen as I teach you the best ways to use these herbs.

Lesson One: Sugar Detoxing and Superfoods

Out with the old (sugar), in with the new (superfoods)! You'll learn some tips on how to get through a sugar detox and some foods that are dense with nutrition that can help lead you to your optimal health!

Lesson Two: How To Ferment

Your personal professional chef is teaching you how easy it is to ferment! This lesson covers ALL the basics of fermenting, so you can provide your gut with good bacteria in the most natural way! Bring back this ancestral way of preserving food and creating an easy digesting food with maximum nutrients.

Lesson Three: Core Workout

Strengthening the core can help reduce back injuries, good posture, and more! Use these strength training exercises to give you that rock hard core!

Lesson Four: Cleaning and Beauty Products

While you begin to take care of your body by eating real food, you will also learn what you need to do to create a healthy environment in your home! You'll learn what ingredients are lurking in these products and what they can do to your health and ecosystem. You get homemade non-toxic cleaning recipes and cleaner and beauty guides to make this transition simple!

Lesson One: Nutrition in Restaurants and Traveling

Wondering how to eat healthy during vacations, business trips, and even restaurants? You'll learn how to stay on track even when you're away from home! You'll also get a downloadable PDF for you to print out and take to restaurants, so you don't forget what you should be looking out for!

Lesson Two: How To Make Healthy Snacks

Are you a snacker? Learn how to create some yummy healthy snack recipes, along with some grab and go snacks you can buy at the store that are Thrival approved, so you can buy without guilt!

Lesson Three: Yoga and Meditation

Learn an easy breathing technique that you can do during the day to take a mental break. I make it simple and recommend some really great yoga programs that you can do right in your own home.

Lesson Four: Stress Management

We live in a world where we are busy, stressed, and on-the-go. Getting your stress levels under control is so important, as stress can be precursor to many chronic diseases. You'll learn ways to deal with your stress naturally, so you can feel back in control of your life.

Lesson One: Sports Nutrition and Supplements

You'll get an understanding of how to nourish your body before and after a workout. Grab your short eBook that has some of my favorite post-workout shakes and meal recipes! You'll also be a pro at deciphering through the good and bad of the supplement world. Plus, the brands that never fail me!

Lesson Two: How To Successful Mindset and Habits

Take everything you've learned in the past six weeks and put it into action. It starts with creating that success mindset and habits that will last you a lifetime. I'm bring a special guest on this lesson to give you tips and tricks to create the life you love!

Lesson Three: Whole Body/HIIT Workout

Don't have an hour to be at the gym? GOOD! You don't need it - choose from 3 different HIIT workouts to get a whole body workout in 15 minutes!!

Lesson Four: Sleep Hacks

Can't turn that brain off at night? You'll learn some awesome sleep hacks to get better sleep, so your body can rest, detox, and reset. (Hint: Sleep is EVERYTHING when it comes to health.)

Ready To Take 'Supermom' To The Next Level?

For $349, you are on your way!

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I'm SO ready!

Did I Tell You About The Bonuses?

Facebook Support Group

Life is not meant to be done alone. In addition to the eCourse, you gain access to a private Facebook group for people that are on the same journey as you! We share questions, victories, and struggles together. No judgement. We are on the same path. This is where you'll have access to me too if you need additional support.

Thrival Nutrition's Cookbook

If you are wondering what the heck to cook to start nourishing your body, you'll have 50+ recipes in this cookbook to choose from! There are breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes! Psssst, recipes don't end there either, more exclusive recipes will be shared inside the Facebook group!


Don't Just Take My Word For It!

  • Megan A.
    Thrival Nution's Holistic Living eCourse is amazing!!! Lahana's knowledge and guidance on living a healthier lifestyle has been organized in such an easy and fun way to learn. The e-course is chalked full off tips, information, videos and more. I especially appreciated the videos and images Lahana includes in each section of the e-course. It is easy to see all the time, knowledge, dedication, & love that Lahana has spent in developing this e-course. Throughout this course you can feel Lahana's passion for what she is teaching and that she is excited to share her knowledge and love of a healthy lifestyle with her clients. The attention to detail & all the research that has been done is impeccable and yet simplified in such a way that is easy to follow and incorporate into your life. Thank you, Thrival Nutrition, for taking the time to make such an enjoyable eCourse. I've learned so many wonderful ways to improve not only my lifestyle but my families as well!
    Megan A.
  • Lahana is so knowledgeable and holds your hand throughout the entire process. I have learned so much from all of the materials that Thrival Nutrition has developed yet the information is not overwhelming. Lahana knows that in order to make lasting changes, you need to simplify things for yourself and that's exactly what she does with her Holistic Living eCourse. She delivers the content in easily digestible pieces so you can truly make lasting and meaningful changes. I have absolutely LOVED learning from Lahana and I would recommend her eCourse to anyone who wants to improve their health for GOOD! Thank you Lahana for your wonderful spirit and the motherly love that went into developing this eCourse!!

What You'll Be Able To Do After You Take This eCourse

-You'll be able to create healthy meals for you and your family that are simple, but nourishing to minimize sickness in your home. What you bring to the table will determine if your health struggles own you or you own your health struggles. (Hint hint: I want YOU to own your health struggles! You tell your body who is boss!)

Landing Page2-You'll be able to breeze through the grocery store by knowing what to purchase! (This saves so much time!)

-You'll be able to get some exercise in your day without having to spend time driving to a gym or guessing what exercise to do. You'll gain muscle tone, lose weight, and feel energized.

-You will know all the sleep hacks to take your sleeping to the next level, so you feel refreshed the next day!

-You will be able to create your own natural medicine cabinet to take care of ailments, naturally. 

-You'll be more organized with meal planning and prepping that no crazy circumstance will be able to take you down. This will ease the stress from your busy day!

-Your family will have a clean environment to come home to with less toxins from cleaners and beauty products. When you do this, you create a lesser risk of getting chronically ill and throwing your hormones out of wack. And you can keep more money in your wallet by switching to healthy natural cleaners!

-You'll be able to reduce anxiety and stress in your life by managing it in a healthy way and creating a zen mind. You'll find yourself happier & healthier.


No Need To Do All The GuessworkAre you ready? 

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Pay In One Payment!

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Yes, I want to get started!

Buy Now The question you have to ask yourself is - "What's your health worth to you?" or "What's your family's health worth to you?"

Did you know that YOU can change the future health of your family legacy? You don't just impact your health, but YOUR child's and their children.

No matter what season you are in your life, you always need that self-care. If you can't take care of yourself, how are you supposed to take care of others?

Don't wait for a life-changing diagnosis to take your health seriously. I know how easy it can be to overlook it because you don't have a chronic diagnosis, but I promise the journey is always changing and taking care of yourself beforehand is much easier.

Maybe you already have health struggles and want to change that, don't wait any longer. You're in the perfect place to welcome a health change.

Health is wealth because without it, you wouldn't be here!

It truly starts with parents & how we raise our beautiful littles. Let's start that change. I'm right there with you!

The Value You're Getting

  • Five Home-Based Workouts - $100
  • Nutrition Shopping Trip - $150
  • Nutrition Education - $750+
  • Kitchen/Cooking Lessons (with a professional chef!) - $400
  • Essential Oils Education - $50
  • Learning How To Make A Natural Medicine Cabinet Makeover - $200
  • Natural Cleaning - $$$ Priceless, save HUNDREDS per year.
  • Sports Nutrition Guidance - $150
  • Cookbook - $10
  • Facebook Group w/ Lifetime Live Access To Me - $500


And you get this eCourse for only $349!

Are You Ready To Take Back Your Family's Health?

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I'm Taking My Family's Health Seriously!

30 DayIf you still aren't sure about the Holistic Living eCourse, I want to let you know about our 30 day money-back guarantee!

In the first 30 days of purchase, you have the ability to request a refund.

But wait...

This isn't just where you email me to request a refund, you have to SHOW that you've actually done some work that's recommended for you to do in the eCourse.

The Holistic Living eCourse is for the parents that are serious in changing their families health. I want to give you every chance to make this work, but you DO have to do the work.

In our Terms & Conditions, you will be able to read more in-depth about our Holistic Living eCourse refund requirements. Any purchase made on our website, you agree to these Terms & Conditions.

I know how amazing it feels to raise a healthy family, but you can't expect it to happen overnight. I do want to give you the opportunity though to purchase our eCourse - risk free!

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